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A police state is one that puts fear into the heart of its citizens to control them politically and physically. Adolf Hitler gave us an example of such abuses during WWII. Vladimir Putin continues to show the free world, how dangerous life can be for others, in a Russia with a former KGB dictator in control, supported by an inner circle of military and civilian oligarch billionaires. While the (so-called) electorate suffer a lack of opposition, where those who oppose are shot.







A police state is a government that exercises power through the illegal use of their police forces, to abuse the Human Rights of the electorate.


Originally, a police state was a state regulated by a civil administration, but since the beginning of the 20th century it has "taken on an emotional and derogatory meaning" by describing an undesirable state of living characterized by the overbearing presence of civil authorities.


The inhabitants of a police state may experience restrictions on their mobility, or on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Such as with the Suffragettes and Scotland Yard, torturing and imprisoning women who were seeking the vote and equality.


Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force that operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state, or by what appears to be normal law enforcement authorities that actually discriminate institutionally, working with other agencies, typically councils in the UK.


Robert von Mohl, who first introduced the rule of law to German jurisprudence, contrasted the Rechtsstaat ("legal" or "constitutional" state) with the anti-aristocratic Polizeistaat ("police state").


The German term Polizeistaat came into English usage in the 1930s with reference to totalitarian governments that had begun to emerge in Europe.







THE FOURTH REICH - But not in Germany. This time it is Russia's former KGB who has world domination plans. Starting with Crimea, he now wants the Ukraine, and from there it is said that he'll be targeting adjoining land masses, until he controls Europe - and then. But we've seen all of this before with dear old Adolf Hitler, the British Empire, the Roman Empire. And so on. The only way to stop some kleptocrats, is a bullet in the head. The free world cannot entertain such notions. Hence, will have to wait until Vladimir Putin oversteps the mark. Before wiping out Moscow, the Kremlin and any other threats - then handing Russia back to a freely elected administration. With a decent level of human rights protections.







In the UK councils control land for those in the fold. Those outside the fold seeking planning permission, could receive a rough ride with officers presenting selected information designed to control the voting of Councillors, while failing to provide other information, so steering decision making. Other means of control are failing to consult statutory bodies, or suggesting that permitted development requires planning consent - when it does not.


The other favourite ploy is to employ character assassination, despite the identity of an applicant not being a material consideration.


The police work closely with councils (or at least one we know of) to prevent any kind of investigation into such abuses of positions of trust.


Members of the public that expose such illegal activity (dissidents) become targets for the council and the police. Sometimes they are portrayed as suffering from a mental condition, or otherwise painted in such a way as to make the public think they are unreliable. When such activists start winning appeals regularly, so proving legal skill linked with factual revelations, they might be framed for crimes they did not commit. This is only possible with the help of a corrupt local police force.






Many citizens of the UK will know from experience that councils are run by corrupt, kleptocratic quangos with hidden agendas and undeclared interests. This includes Council's like Wealden and supposed law enforcement agencies like Sussex police, working with other agencies and the Courts, sometimes including secret societies like the Masons. Secret societies are banned in some countries. Not in the UK, where they flourish in the police, Crown Prosecution Service and ranks of Judges.


Most people will never know how much of a police state the UK has become. Only those that challenge the system, become targets to be got rid of with in ways that nobody on the outside could guess at, including false arrest, unlawful detention and mental torture of their innocent victims.




After World War Two, the UK was led by Queen Elizabeth II until 2022, when King Charles III came to power. The next in line to the Throne is Prince William, followed by Prince Harry.














Crime in the district is a problem more for the organised nature of the police that allow councils to operate in a closed shop fashion bereft of transparency. The police themselves work the same way despite the new Crime Commissioners that are supposed to tackle white collar corruption, but are allegedly whitewash merchants. Corruption is unsustainable in United Nations terms and a practice that should be addressed according to SDG16.


Regional development is dependent on the quality of leadership from Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, the elected members of councils and on the efficiency of civil servant staff employed at great expense to plan ahead and provide all the services we need - bearing in mind the targets set to comply with the Climate Change Act 2008 and other acts designed to ensure an economy that is circular, for this otherwise delightful location.





The Injustice Alliance is a group dedicated to unearthing perverse decision making, and making corrupt officials accountable for their actions. This includes law enforcement officials who are either on the payroll or for other reasons fail to investigate crime, such as doing a favour for a mate - typically a Mason, or a person with Masonic connections. Or to cover up fraud, and silence whistleblowers.





The politics of the nation shape what happens locally, nationally and internationally. Political will is very important when it comes to implementing climate friendly policies and providing affordable housing in the quest for a Circular Economy. The political parties are answerable to the electorate, where for example, the present Conservative Government in 2024 is not living up to its election promises on climate change or the delivery of affordable housing - or much else under Rishi Sunack - apart from increasing the National Debt to 2.7 trillion pounds. This leaves the door open for Labour or Liberal policies to shine with a Green hue, in the General Election of 2024, when Labour's Kier Starmer looks set to become Prime Minister.





Here we are talking about financial slavery and the modern poverty trap created by the renting society UK politicians have engineered in the United Kingdom. It is not only in the UK that such policies prevail, it is the case in many so-called civilised societies, where land ownership and positions of trust exist that can be exploited.











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